There aren’t many women who are watch enthusiasts in this part of the world – or at least, from what I’ve seen. We generally look at watches as just another accessory to match our bracelet or shoes or necklace, so we tend to buy based on just aesthetics.

Who cares about the movement within the case? Who cares whether it’s an old prestigious Swiss or Japanese brand, or just another generic Daniel Wellington? As long as it looks pretty.

But I beg to differ. There’s plenty of choices for ladies’ timepieces produced by reputable brands from which we can choose to form our very own collection.

What constitutes a functional collection, to me, would have to include a piece for every day use, a piece to complement the outfit at formal occasions, and “beater” watch for rough use to satiate the adventurous lady.

The three timepieces that I’ve come up with here are just some of my preferred choices. Hopefully it would give you ladies some ideas or inspiration to build your very own collection.

Tudor Black Bay 32

(Image: Tudor)

Being the only automatic on this list, the Tudor Black Bay 32 comes from a proud lineage of timepieces ingrained with the caliber of none other than Rolex. Known as Rolex’s sister brand, it has now grown into a brand with its very own identity.

Now it’s probably seen more as the cooler younger sibling, really.

With the likes of Lady Gaga and David Beckham as ambassadors, Tudor seems like it’s looking to expand into the Gen Z market, to perhaps compete with the likes of the smartwatch.

(Image: Tudor Ambassador, Lady Gaga)

The watch is the every day tool watch for the modern woman. With a diameter of 32mm and available with a black or blue lacquered dial, you could easily pair this with a clean white button-down shirt, blue jeans and your choice between flats, heals, boots or just a pair of plain old white Converse.

Longines DolceVita

(Image: Longines)

When seeking affordable and quality timepieces, you can never go wrong with Longines. Being an old, prestigious Swiss brand, it has something for everyone.

For a dress watch, this quartz-powered piece with a rectangular case and alligator leather strap is a good choice for one looking to emulate the style of the much more expensive Cartier Tank.

Further, the DolceVita range has myriad of choices: from diamond-studded cases to yellow gold cases, from black and grey leather straps, to stainless steel bracelets – you’ll be hard-pressed not to find one to your liking.

(Image: Tory Pheto with the Longines DolceVita)

Victorinox I.N.O.X. V

(Image: Victorinox)

Now, Victorinox is a brand most famous for manufacturing Swiss military knives. Given their expertise in military hardware, they’ve brought this knowledge over into the manufacturing of their watches – producing tough, solid, sporty watches for any possible occasion.

The I.N.O.X. V comes with a 37mm diameter case, and in several colours: silver case with a black strap, rose-gold case with a black or pink strap, and white. There’s also an option for you to choose between the rubber strap, a tough braided textile strap or leather.

To say that the watch is tougher than nails is an understatement. It’s gone through 130 endurance tests, including a ten meter drop to thermal shocks and high altitude conditions, and remains the only Swiss watch certified to withstand these tests.

(Image: Victorinox Swiss Army on Instagram)

Of course, this is most definitely not the only combination of watches to make up a 3-piece collection. What are your choices? Let me know!

Photo by AJ Garcia on Unsplash.

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