I have always had a soft spot for watches. My mother, however, does not. She’s more of a handbag-totting kind of lady, and I can totally understand that although I can’t relate much. In spite of that, she would ask me to lend her my own watch whenever we leave the house. I would give her a puzzled look, and then show her my watch.

My scratched up, lightweight RM 80 watch that looks like a dress piece but is worn like the cheapest beater in the world.

“You want to borrow THIS, Mum???”

And so, I’ve made it my mission to search for the perfect watch to satisfy my mum’s tastes while complementing all her other accessories. Since I’ve taken her watch-shopping, I’ve come up with a list of the top 5 timepieces I would consider buying for her. I hope this list would help all the lads (and ladies) out there in your gift-hunting endeavour for that special woman in your life.

Longines La Grande Classique

The Longines La Grande Classique

Reference number: L4.

Movement: Quartz

Calibre: L209

Case size: 24 mm

Water Resistance: Up to 3 bar

Suggested Retail Price: MYR 5,540

Longines has always been a favourite of my mother’s for a long time. She’s especially fond of the ultra-thin case, and was especially drawn to this piece from the La Grande Classique de Longines collection. This range has a piece for everyone, ranging from minimalist designs to diamond-encrusted bezels and gold-plated bracelets. This particular piece has a mother-of-pearl dial with twelve diamonds as hour markers, which total up to 0.048 carats. The bracelet is stainless steel, and the glass is made out of scratch-resistant sapphire. Being the most affordable timepiece on this list, and from a prestigious brand with a long history, I would say you can get a lot of bang for your buck.

Oris Classic Date

The Oris Classic Date

Reference number: 01 561 7718 4371-07 8 14 12

Movement: Automatic

Calibre: Oris 561, base ETA 2671

Power reserve: 38 hours

Case size: 28.5 mm

Water Resistance: Up to 5 bar

Suggested Retail Price: MYR 6,500

Oris is another fine brand that seems to be pretty popular here in Malaysia. It’s not a surprise as the quality of these timepieces far outweighs the price. In the Classic Date collection, there are a variety of colours to choose from. The dials range in colour from blue and black to silver, coupled with straps that come in dark or light shades of leather, or two-tone gold-plated steel bracelets. This piece in particular has a silver dial with two-tone gold and steel bracelet which I thought looks great on my mum’s wrist. It exudes simplicity and style all in one small, affordable package. Oh, and did I mention that it’s an automatic with a 38-hour power reserve for less than RM10k?

Frédérique Constant Classics Art Deco Oval

The Frédérique Constant Classics Art Déco Oval

Reference number: FC-200MPW2VD6B

Movement: Quartz

Calibre: FC-200

Case size: 30 mm x 25 mm

Estimated Retail Price: MYR 13,000 (2,850 Euros)

Now, Frédérique Constant can be considered a newbie in the Swiss watch-making world, only founded in 1988 by a Dutch couple who aspired to create luxury timepieces that could be more accessible to customers (hence their motto: accessible luxury). They have a ton of beautiful ladies’ watches to choose from, and this piece is only one of many that caught my eye. With the 78 little diamonds set into that curved bezel, how could it not?

For those who are seeking something not too flashy, you may consider the various other options within this range. There are those that come with just a brown or black leather strap and stainless steel bezel without the diamonds; there are also those with yellow stainless steel cases and bracelets. You also have a choice between roman or Arabic numerals.

With Frédérique Constant, you’ll be hard-pressed not to find one that suits you.

Cartier Tank Solo

The Cartier Tank Solo

Reference number: W5200024

Movement: Quartz

Case size: 31 mm x 24.4 mm

Water Resistance: Up to 3 bar

Estimated Retail Price: MYR 19,000

This piece is absolutely beautiful, especially when you prefer a watch that isn’t just another little plate on your wrist. The case and buckle are both made of 18k pink gold and steel, while the minute and hour hands are of blued steel. The glass is made of sapphire, providing much-needed resistance to scratches – not that you would in any way wear this in any situation that would risk that!

I would get this little gem for myself, and that’s when you know it would be a perfect gift for Mummy. Back when I was about five or six years old, my mum would always make a big fuss over buying gifts for my friends’ birthdays. She would always say:

“Buy something that you would buy for yourself!”

There are other iterations of the Cartier Tank: the Tank Francaise, Tank Anglaise, Tank Americaine available with both leather straps and stainless steel bracelets, so shop to your heart’s content!

Rolex Oyster Perpetual

The Rolex Oyster Perpetual 26

Reference number: 176200

Movement: Automatic

Calibre: 2231

Power reserve: 48 hours

Case size: 26 mm

Water Resistance: Up to 100 m

Estimated Retail Price: MYR 20,000

And finally we come to possibly the most popular luxury watch brand in the general consumer market – Rolex. It’s always been an understanding that, when you own a Rolex, you’ve achieved whatever career goals or aspirations you’ve set out to conquer. If I were to present my own mum with this, it’s a sign that I am the one who has reached a major milestone in my life. Why not get it for myself, you ask? Well, I see it as an offering to the lady who gave me life.

Anyway, when it comes to Rolex, like any other good watch brand, you can find an endless stream of variations in one particular range. This Oyster Perpetual line comes in various different sizes and colours, from 26mm diameter case all the way to 39mm (so a similar timepiece for my dad to match my mum’s would be a breeze to find!).

I simple adore this 26mm piece with its grape-coloured dial. It just stands out, and still looks clean and elegant in its simplicity. With the burst of colour, you can add it as a statement piece to a neutral outfit, or just wear it with a similarly coloured shirt and blue jeans – the possibilities are endless! You can go from casual wear to formal with just this one watch. Even with the high price tag (Rolex, of course), I would say that it’s worth it if you’re just looking for that one watch.

With that being said, and so many other options out there, I’m sure there are other pieces that have caught your eye. Let me know!

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