Lonely, bored, or both? Indulge in some couple webcomics to make things a little better!

Hubman & Chubgirl

Probably my favourite of the bunch, Hubman & Chubman chronicles the daily life of a couple living in Toronto. Chubgirl (peccapeccapecca) has been working on these comics for over two years now, along with her husband, Hubman (chrischantor).

If you sign up as their patrons at Patreon, you’re entitled to lots of exclusive stuff like WhatsApp stickers and patron-only comics, which are actually pretty darn cute. They’ve also got a YouTube channel where you can follow their weekly vlogs posted every Sunday.

Also, they share many common issues faced in marriage, from the good times to the bad. They’ve been trying for a baby for the past couple of months and unfortunately, have suffered a miscarriage (and you can check out their journey of healing in their vlogs). 

Just very recently though, they’ve found that they’re pregnant, so current comics have been portraying their struggles with pregnancy.


One of my favourites as well, for her colourful art. Korean-based and also a published comic artist! (Though her comic book is only available in Korean.)

Amanda Oleander

This account isn’t exactly one that does comics, but more like art pieces that realistically portray the life of a long-term couple living together.

Los Angeles-based, her artwork will especially delight fans of traditional media. She also occasionally posts short videos of her process of making these pretty little pieces.

Three Under the Rain

Started in September 2017, this account is filled with portrayals of the trio’s daily lives: the artist, her partner and their dog, Marly.

They’ve also got a website dedicated to their merch.

Bonnie Pang

Bonnie Pang is based in Hong Kong and a popular face within the webcomic community. Her current webcomic, which she posts regularly on her IG, is simply called IT Guy and Art Girl, depicting the her daily life with hubby (IT Guy). 

The comics started in 2018 and they publish twice a week. Other than being a comic artist, she also works as a freelance artist, even publishing a comic in 2019 called IT Guy and Art Girl’s Love Adventures.


From Istanbul, she first started in 2019. Fairly new, but already with a decent following. Isn’t surprising; the illustrations of her and her partner are simply adorable!

She does a mix of stand alone art and comics.

Comic Journal by AJ

Based in Indonesia, this artist is also a new face in the webcomic scene, having started just in 2019. 

With her cute pastel colour palette, she’s sure to carve out her own little space in the online comic community in no time. She also does a mix of standalone art and comics.

Lee Kyu Young

Started in 2016, this Korea-based artist is one of the more famous ones with 1 million followers. And I can see why – the illustrations are just gorgeous.


This account was started barely a year ago, in late June 2019. I’ve been loving her recent posts – her style is slowly evolving from colourful to utilizing just neutral colours to create a soft colour palette that somehow is reminiscent of old Japanese art.


Catana Comics has a huge fan base of 3 million. Her art is just simple black and white stuff, is straightforward, and you can simply go scroll through tons of them in one sitting.

She affectionately calls her partner “my bearded fiance, John”.

Happy reading and stay safe!

Photo by Dan Burton on Unsplash.

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