Source: Suami Masak Apa Hari Ini? Facebook

If you haven’t seen this Faceboook group yet, you’re missing out! Apparently there are even local pro chefs here whipping up a storm and inspiring fellow husbands to cook!

And ladies, apparently there ARE guys out there who wear aprons and cook while lifting weights and getting fit on the side!

tengah fening duk mikio nii..masak meggie letak rencah dulu ke letak sotong dulu nk bg rs lebih pawerr💆🤯 skip puting yg sdg mekar tu 😚cik bini request nk telan meggie 🦑

Posted by Ezam Aziery on Selasa, 5 Mei 2020

As a response to the MCO, this group was opened on the 16th of April and since then it has exploded with an average of 3,000 posts PER DAY and almost 72,000 members to date!

Source: Suami Masak Apa Hari Ini? Facebook group

As I scroll through at 5 AM today, photos of proud hubbies are popping up like mushrooms all over the group of them preparing meals for sahur for their families.

Some of their rules include:

  2. Be supportive!
  3. Be a gentleman. No hate, no provocation, or general negativity.

Some are baking cakes, some cooking Maggi noodles because “my wife feels like having it today” or “today I’m looking at those bananas on the table and I’ve decided to make a banana cake.”

boring2 malam ni tengok pisang dah ada atas meja terus terfikir nak buat kek pisang dan ni la hasilnya

Posted by Man Kulim on Selasa, 5 Mei 2020

Some are sharing tips on which herbs are used for what sort of cooking. All of this at 5 AM!! That’s some dedication!

And check out this guy with his fancy Roti John and Caramelized Onions…

Sahur untuk malam ni #stayathomeRoti John Daging With Caramelised Onions..🌭🌶🐂

Posted by Mohd Faizal Mohamed Jais on Selasa, 5 Mei 2020

And this dude sounding the wake-up call for all husbands to “get yo ass up” and cook something for the wifey.

Assalammualaikum gais…. Dah bgn sahur ke para suami semua….. Sy bgn dah pukul 4.30 untuk masak buat anak isteri utk…

Posted by AF Property on Selasa, 5 Mei 2020

And this guy with his epic homemade burger because “McDonald’s just don’t cut it!”

And this guy baking Hari Raya cookies at 3 AM! I’m in love!

Biskut raya komer dah siap ke wei.. Buat awai bleh makan masa sahur.. Cer citer komer suka biskut ape..

Posted by Mohd Zulfadli Mohd Arif on Selasa, 5 Mei 2020

And they’re such a supportive group of men!! There was someone who asked whether he could join even though he can’t cook, and he got so many lovely, encouraging comments within a matter of minutes. Some included, “It’s alright, we can all share recipes together!”

Just when I was about to lose hope on the whole “men should take up chores at home to ease their wives’ workload“, this pops up!

There needs to be a dating app just for men who can cook so that we ladies don’t have to sift through the dozen just to find that one little gem who can make us Sunday waffles every weekend.

Featured image by Maarten van den Heuvel on Unsplash.

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